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B2B and B2C users using Stripe Connect

Learn how Coreware built a word-of-mouth marketing platform to enable everyday people to make money on their phones
EyCrowd is a next-generation marketing platform that allows businesses to turn their fans into authentic brand ambassadors. By creating campaigns on EyCrowd, businesses can invite people (also called EyVocates - brand ambassadors) to perform various tasks to promote their brand, which they get paid for. Coreware, a custom mobile app development company, integrated Stripe Connect to power payments by businesses and payouts to EyVocates.

Stripe Connect platform payments implementation steps:
1. Businesses and users set up Stripe Connect accounts through your platform
2. Payments are collected from businesses 
3. Stripe fees and platform fees are deducted from the total payment amount
4. The remaining balance is distributed to the users in their Stripe Connect accounts
5. Businesses can also be partially or fully refunded after their payments

How to use EyCrowd as a B2B user:
1. Create an account at
2. Set up a campaign with tasks, the number of EyVocates, and your budget
3. Add your payment method and launch your campaign!

How to use EyCrowd as a B2C user:
1. Download the EyCrowd mobile app and create an account
2.Set up your payout method
3.Join a campaign and start your tasks
5.Get paid in your EyCrowd wallet once your tasks are completed!

EyCrowd built momentum for its marketing platform through its innovative word-of-mouth marketing campaigns which helped them to attract thousands of active users. Newly launched campaigns fill up on EyCrowd in a matter of minutes today. Using Stripe, Coreware built a seamless integration to help everyday people get paid for promoting brands they love.Coreware’s software engineers are highly skilled in custom payment solutions and building products with Stripe. We can quickly build your payment integration or migrate your existing solution to Stripe.  

Coreware’s engineers brought a wealth of technical expertise and experience with Stripe. Integrating platform payments into a mobile app can be very complex, but the team at Coreware understands the Stripe API inside and out, and the integration was flawless. I am still amazed at how quickly and seamlessly the payments are processed, and I have received numerous compliments from users about the ease of use of EyCrowd’s payment feature.

Brad Cowdrey, CEO at EyCrowd.

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